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Curved shower steam room for two persons
Model No : FT-109
Name :

Curved shower steam room for two persons

Series :Steam Room
Size :1500X850X2150 mm
Tags :
Material & Feartures:

Tempered glass:avaiable in wave glass, clear glass, blue glass and gray glass options.

Aluminium frame:available as sand silver finish and chrome finish options.

Door:sliding glass door with Metal handles and magnetic seal.

Drainer:designed utility to on-off press.

Shower tray:made from acrylic board.

Back board:Tempered glass back board.

Top shower head       Manual shower head
Exhaust fan           Luxurious shelf
Overhead light
Hydraulic massage     Foot massage
Ozone                 Computer steam control system
Creepage protection system
Remote control        Telephone
FM radio              CD function

Knocked-down packing in cardboard carton.

3 cartons per set.

Customer's logo can be printed on carton.

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